Electronic Attendance

Electronic Attendance is now available in California! 

KinderConnect is an Internet-based software system that allows providers to manage attendance from any computer or device with Internet access. Providers login to a secure website where they can enter and submit attendance, maintain parents or other authorized adult records, review payment information, and generate attendance reports.

Providers can download the KinderSign application on an iPad or Android tablet where parents use their phone number and PIN, to check their children in or out of care. Parents can also download the KinderSmart application on their smartphones and use it to check their children in and out of care. Attendance collected using the KinderSign and KinderSmart applications is automatically uploaded to KinderConnect for easy attendance tracking. Both applications are free of charge and work on both Apple iOS and Android devices. Once all attendance has been collected for the month, providers will submit attendance for payment to their designated Alternative Payment (AP) Agency. 



What are the benefits?

  • Touchless attendance options—parents can check their children in and out of care using their own smartphones
  • Parents can digitally sign their timesheets from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Nothing will get lost in the mail—everything is available online in real time
  • Track attendance for both subsidized and private pay children
  • Generate reports in real time to manage your business
  • Electronically submit attendance timesheets to your AP Agency for payment 


This site will be updated regularly.  Please continue to check back for additional information.